Cultivating Digital Synergies

A Practical Guide to Functional & Esthetic Full Arch Rehab

Jürgen Feierabend, MDT
Friday 8:00a – 9:15a
1.5 hours Scientific credit with appreciation to Zirkonzahn USA

MDT Jürgen Feierabend delivers step-by-step instruction to jump start your full arch lab with digital workflows that improve functional & esthetic diagnostics, case acceptance and interdisciplinary collaboration. A CAD/CAM master and techno-clinical innovator, Jürgen will share working steps to perform digital function diagnostics using 3D face scans and innovative theories on occlusal principles. His approach highlights the principles behind creating better synergies across disciplines while mastering the art of complex implantology. The master technician will then transition to the myriad workflows available to create stunning prosthetics using new techno-clinical methods, such as immediate loading and friction-retained prosthetics.

Jürgen trained at the Dental Laboratory Josef Wagner in Bad Fredeburg, Germany and received his Dental Technician apprenticeship diploma in 1992. Further trainings include complete denture prosthetics at the Lindauer Zahnfabrik, functioning of complete denture prosthetics by Gerber, fundametals of gnathological waxing-up, DeguDent’s CAD/CAM systems in Düsseldorf, Germany, rational/functional layering techniques at DeguDent, and an Anterior Teeth Aesthetics workshop with J.Peters from DeguDent.

Jürgen is a dental technician, lecturer, and trainer for national and international CAD/CAM courses at Zirkonzahn, Italy. Previously, he was a dental technician, operating in the fields of ceramic restorations, telescope, and attachment techniques at the Praxislabor Grosse – Lordemann in Brilon, Germany. He also operated in the fields of ceramics, precious metal, complete denture prosthetics, and customer service and head of office of the prosthetics department the Laboratory Ludger Wagner in Bad Fredeburg, Germany.