Digital Dentures: New Options and Opportunities for Your Removable Department

Vincent Verderosa, CDT
Saturday 8:00a – 9:45a
1.5 hours Scientific credit with appreciation to Zahn Dental

Let’s explore how modern Digital Denture CAD/CAM technology can create time and problem-solving efficiencies. With various options and opportunities, we will show new techniques to eliminate common issues like porosities, acrylic short packs and tooth shift. This lecture will cover the complete processes of creating a digital denture from the design and try-in to the finished product. We will discuss how an open line of communication between the Dentist and Laboratory are critical in creating comfortable and functional denture. We will review three clinical case studies that highlight the flexibility of the digital process.

Vincent Verderosa, CDT of Deer Park, NY is a well-established Master Dental Technician, specializing in removable prosthetics. He has owned and operated Greenrose Dental Lab for over 15 years prior to his current senior position at Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine in in their Removable Prosthetics Department. He is a recognized speaker in the removable field. Vincent has a strong commitment to continuing education and has completed the following continuing education: American Society of Master Dental Technologist, New York University. The Dale Carnegie Training Course, Dr. Peter Dawson “Factors About Occlusion and TMJ”, Valplast Flexible Partial Training Certification Course and the American College of Prosthodontics “The How-To Course for Providing Contemporary Prosthodontics and Implant Care for the Complete Denture Patient”. He has also achieved several honors: Award of Highest Achievement, Dale Carnegie Training program, Outstanding Student Award endowed by Northeastern Gnathological Society, American Society of Master Dental Technologist New York University, and Certificate of Appreciation from the Indian Health Service, Pine Ridge Service Unit South Dakota. When not taking higher learning opportunities, Vincent is teaching others and is associated with multiple teaching affiliations including: Dale Carnegie program, Columbia University College of Dentistry, Stony Brook University School of Dental Medicine, Co-founder of Training Seminars for Centerline Dental Technology Youngstown, Ohio. Founder Denture University: Hands-on training course and lectures for dental professionals. Vincent is also a published author with multiple abstracts in the field