Jeremy Wohlers, CDTImmediate Implant Supported Full Arch Rehabilitation

Jeremy Wohlers, CDT
Saturday • 3:15 - 5:00 PM
Location: Concord I


The goal of the Immediate Implant Supported Full Arch Rehabilitation lecture is to familiarize dental professionals with a predictable process for restoring a full arch using an acrylic provisional followed by the placement of conventional fixed hybrid prosthesis. The course will cover supporting research, diagnostic criteria, data collection, and treatment planning, as well as outlining the procedure. Dental professionals with excellent communication and a good working knowledge of fixed and removable prosthetics should be more comfortable restoring these complex cases after this lecture.

Jeremy Wohlers, CDT is a talented, technology driven technician. He has been active in the dental business for over 12 years. Working both clinical and laboratory aspects. Jeremy grew up working in his father's small dental practice, giving Jeremy a unique perspective on what Doctors need from the lab technicians to provide the highest quality product to the patient. In 2011, Jeremy competed in the KunstZahn Werk "Art of Denture" Competition. He is currently a member of five prosthetic study clubs which range in focus from traditional prosthetics to implant prosthetics.

Recently, Jeremy traveled to Germany and received training from Master Technician Frank Poerschke in the use of several new products which will be introduced in the United States in the near future. Jeremy is a strong advocate of technology, and specializes in aesthetic removable, CAD/CAM designed titanium bars and attachments for removable partial denture/fixed partial denture combination cases. His background of highly esthetic removables, implant and CAD/CAM technology combined with his techniques and teaching methods have made Jeremy a great resource for technicians preparing for tomorrow's dentistry.

2 hours Scientific credit
With appreciation to Hi-Tec Dental Products, Inc.

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