eastern conference annual meeting

Keynote & Featured Speakers

Keynote Presentations...(listed in order of presentation day/time)
John W. Robinson, III, DMD, BS & Chris Norris, CDT (Friday)
Domenico Cascione, B.Sc., CDT (Friday)
Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT, FNGS (Saturday)
Tra' Chambers (Saturday)
Mary Elizabeth Murphy - Members Lunch ‘n Learn (Saturday)


Breakout Sessions Featuring

Donnie Bridges, CDT

Alessandro Cucchiaro, MDT

Dean Swift, B.Sc., B.Ed.

Jeremiah Naas, CDT, DTG

Shanna Morales, CPA

Rafael Santrich

Alexander Wunsche, CDT & Danielle Wuensche

James T. Ellison, CDT

Joshua Fitzgerald, CDT, TE

Step ToothMaster Bay, CDT, DTG

Alexander Wuensche, CDT
  Optional hands on course

Thomas Zaleske, AS
  Optional hands on course

Plus...Various Table Clinics in the Exhibit Hall

The N.C. Dental Laboratory Association & Eastern Conference of Dental Laboratories proudly recognizes our Consultant and Meeting Sponsor/Partner, Mr. Ettore Palmeri from Palmeri Media Group. Mr. Palmeri came on board with us two years ago and has generously shared his marketing and program development skills with us to create an exciting program that is second to none! This is only the beginning! Join with us in welcoming Mr. Palmeri to ECDL 2017 and look for him at future ECDL meetings. The elements for success are aligned for a winning combination!


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