Eastern Conference Alliance membership
...what is it?

A few years ago, the Membership Services Committee introduced the Eastern Conference Alliance membership concept to the NCDLA Board of Directors in an effort to better serve neighboring laboratories and technicians that did not have access to a state association. Although NCDLA has always extended membership opportunities to non-resident individuals and laboratories, many of our state supporters want to be more involved, something that wasn’t possible following the previous NCDLA bylaws structure. There were no voting positions reserved for out-of-state supporters.

After several meetings and much research, goals were defined and plans evolved. We began developing an Eastern Conference membership under the NCDLA’s umbrella and rolling all of the current non-resident and technical members into a new category… the Eastern Conference Alliance. (Catchy, right?)

As the general membership gathered during the 2015 Eastern Conference, a movement began. The primary goal of the new membership category is to give the out-of-state folks what they have wanted for so long… a vote, a voice, a place to truly belong. Not to mention the best place to get CE and top shelf education without traveling to more expensive locations. This has been a longtime vision of the NCDLA Board of Directors.

Mission accomplished! The Eastern Conference Alliance was launched in January 2016.

The Eastern Conference Alliance (ECA) membership fills the need requested by our former non-resident members and opens doors to our neighboring states that may not have a state association and most likely do not have the volunteers and funds to create one. Further, it presents new opportunities for potential leadership roles within the NCDLA structure.

Former President James Grady has been a key supporter of the concept of unity beyond our state’s boundaries to build something better for our industry and is passionate about growing a stronger organization and a powerful Eastern Conference meeting. While the process to arrive at the final plan was a bit lengthy, the result is promising as we give a voice to those who want to be heard.

Help us spread the exciting news! Tell friends and colleagues in our neighboring states about these new opportunities to get involved as active participants or potential leadership.

Eastern Conference of Dental Laboratories — WE ARE MORE THAN A TRADE SHOW MEETING!